WHITE OAK VENEERS - Ferraro Wood Specialist
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ORIGIN: Europe


MANUFACTURE: Own by the exporting warehouse

QUANTITY: To be indicated by the buyer, while supplies last

QUALITY: The indicated in each of the measures. The classifications have been made by highly experienced professionals, so we assure a good quality in each package.



  • 210 cm at 245 cm. Fil and crown. Quality B +

Price 0.80 € / m2 Ex work Valencia (Spain)


  • 0.80 cm to 210 cm. FIL. Quality A / AB

Price € 0.85 / m2 Ex work Valencia (Spain)


  • 0.80 cm to 210 cm. Crown. Quality A

Price 0.45 € / m2 Ex work Valencia (Spain)


  • 0.80 cm to 210 cm. Fil and crown .. Quality B / C

Price € 0.20 / m2 Ex work Valencia (Spain)


  • 0.50 cm to 0.75 cm.Fil and crown. ABC quality

Price € 0.15 / m2 Ex work Valencia (Spain)


This offer is subject to sales in between the sale and its final confirmation.

We include two photos of each of the qualities, so you can appreciate them.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification or inquiry.