SAMAN WOODS - Ferraro Wood Specialist
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Scientific name: Samenea Saman.

Family: Mimosacea.

Origen: Ecuador

Other countries producers: Mexico, Brazil Guatemala, among others from South America. The USA is known by the name of “Rain Tree”.

Presentation: In logs of diameters from 70 cm. and more.

  • Sawn in 55 mm thick.
  • Widths from 150 mm to 400 mm.
  • Lengths from 1800 mm to 3000 mm.
  • Slabs ( for tables): 75 cm thick.



  • Sapwood pale yellow.
  • Dark brown heartwood
  • Rapid and easy air drying.
  • Easy work.
  • Good gluing.
  • Wood resistant to fungi and termites.


Utilization: Carpentry, Cabinetmaking and sheets for decoration.

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